Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Talon RO Wiki!

This site is the unofficial (No GM endorsement, but merely put together by yours truly who has no affiliation with the GM team) wiki for Talon RO ("TRO"). TRO is a private server created and dedicated to players all over the world.

Quick TRO Info: (from official website)

IRC: #talonro
Ventrilo: v. 2.3.0,, Port 29006

Rates: 5x/5x/3x
WoE Times: Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm EST (GMT-5), Saturdays 10pm - 12am EST (GMT-5)
WoE v.2 Times: IRC: Sundays
Platform: eAthena
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News and notes:

6/22/2008 -- New editor! I look forward to the content he will be adding :D. BTW, Angeljing has been doing such an awesome job with the guides.. I am at a loss of words. I really have not done much compared to her! My vacation is coming soon though. I am still looking for any volunteers to let me do a profile page on!

6/18/2008 -- New editor! She will totally rock the guides for tRO. Please check out Quests page! On other notes, We are looking for anyone who is willing to help with graphics. Editors who are interested in MVPing, SQI guides, Woe guides/discussion, and PVP guides/discussion wanted! Also please check out TRO's awesome new Database search engine!

6/13/2008 -- Started this tRO Wiki. Basic ideas in mind, but have lot to go. If you want to help as an editor, please message me here AND on tRO forums so that I can confirm who you are. Not that this is some elitist club, I have to take quite a bit of precaution in who become editors. Sorry :(.